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The following is a transcript from the video tutorial above:

When playing Tank Melee, use the w, a, s, and d keys on your keyboard to control your tank. W and s move the tank forward and backward, and a and d turn the tank. Use your mouse to target your tank's weapons and left click to fire them.

I'm starting out this level demonstrating the flame thrower. The flame thrower is an excellent weapon to use against enemy troops and bunkers. It has a limited range, but can fire over walls, and hit targets from difficult angles. It also does bonus damage to bunkers.

I'm now going to use the SPACE BAR on my keyboard to cycle through my weapons until the tank's cannon is active. You can see which weapon is active at the bottom right of the game screen. From left to right the weapons are the machine gun, cannon, flame thrower, and rocket launcher. The active weapon is highlighted by a yellow glow, and above the active weapon the ammo remaining for that weapon is displayed.

The cannon is a powerful weapon that reloads slowly, but is excellent for destroying ATVs and clearing debris from your tank's path.

In addition to the space bar you can switch weapons by clicking on one of the weapon buttons at the bottom right of the screen.

The green dots with pictures on them are additional ammo. If you look closely you will notice the picture on a green dot matches up with a picture on one of the weapon buttons below. This lets you know which type of ammo it is.

The machine gun is a low power weapon, but reloads quickly and has a longer range than the flame thrower. Like the cannon, it is unable to shoot over walls.

The rocket launcher, like the flame thrower, is able to fire over walls. It has the highest destructive power of any weapon in the game. The major disadvantages of the rocket launcher, are slow reload times, and limited ammunition.

After you've destroyed an enemy vehicle, it's debris can often block your path. You can clear the debris from your path by continuing to shoot it with your weapons. Cannons are one of the best weapons for clearing debris from the battlefield.

The goal of each level is to find and reach the Exit. The mini map on the top right of the game screen can help you locate the exit, and avoid enemies. On the mini map, walls are denoted with a gray dot, ammo with a green dot, enemies a red dot, and the exit a purple oval. The player's location on the mini map is shown with a yellow plus sign.

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